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Our Process

"With the best Investigator, to think was to act, and to act was to think. Frequently he could do both together."

Untung PambudiCEO PT. Tujuh Bintangmas Perkasa

How did we so well with our cases?

Our team of experts, with more than 20 years of expertise, found that these are the best ways to work on each of our cases

Talk to Associates

Interviews with local community leaders and neighbors; Interview with employees;.

Interview with inner rings

Interview with the victim or reporter, family or friend of the complainant or victim; Search for eyewitnesses who know the incident

Look for Digital Footprint

Directory search (telephone directories, online directories, databases);
Focused media checks (Internet and newspapers,obituaries, etc.);

Trace any Records

Requests for information, medical records; Take statements (handwritten, signed statements, recordings, and videos when reading

Cooperate with Local Organization

Verification with relevant national or regional institutions or organizations such as health departments, police units, hospitals,
clinics, laboratories, doctors, nurses, funeral homes and crematoria

Evidences is the King

Collection of photographic evidence; Monitoring and checking
activities after all is done a survey report is made

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